I went to The Lash Studio for my first experience with lash extensions. I was a little nervous because I there were so may other places nearby offering that same thing..for varying prices and I wasn't sure who to choose. But wow, the second I got there I felt totally at ease. Katie is TRULY a master at what she does. She was super through in explaining everything - what to expect, what can happen, and how to care for them after the fact. Definitely worth the price.I got them about 9 days before my wedding and they looked INCREDIBLE -  for even days after. Actually, they looked better and better as each day went on despite the natural shedding (she said this would happen) and I event went swimming in a pool with them on! I got SO many compliments and I was amazing to be able to skip mascara for 2 weeks. If you are looking for a clean, comfortable and professional environment in the South Shore.. GO TO THE LASH STUDIO!! I promise you will not be disappointed - and you will look AMAZING!!"

    - Megan


    As a busy mother of four, who has time for mascara! It is so easy, and I always look like I have makeup on! Can't imagine life without them!

    - Kathy C.


    I would absolutely get eyelash extensions by the Lash Girl again. Katie did a fantastic job with explaining the application process and before I knew it, I had full amazing lashes.

    - Kristin V.


    I love being able to wake up and go, no makeup is necessary with eyelash extensions! They are light, feathery, and totally natural looking. I could not be happier with the results of this and I highly recommend this to any woman! Katie is passionate about her lash business and it shows in her application process! Simply amazing!!

    - Christine C.


    Last week I had one of the best experiences of my life! I got my lashes done by Katie K. and I absolutely love them! She was so gentle. It was so relaxing. My eyes look fabulous! I've always been self-conscious about my eyes because my lashes are so short even with mascara on. Now I have beautiful long full lashes! I don't even need mascara anymore! Katie you are amazing. I feel like a different woman! Thanks For making me even more beautiful!

    - Tricia S.


    Have had my lashes done by 3 different people over the last two years and Katie is by far the most gentle and most talented! She understands the "look" that I am going for (changes depending on the time of year and different events) and continually seeks advanced techniques and trends to share with me. Thanks Katie!!! PS love my lashes, wouldn't want to be without them!

    - Tjona P.


    Katie has been doing my Lashes for about a year now and I love them! I can't live without them! I love not having to wear mascara,which would smudge over and under my eyes during the day. With Novalash extensions, you don't have to worry about that anymore. The calming way in which Katie explains and applies these fabulous Novalash extensions is unbelievable. She really is dedicated to her profession,

    and shows it. I Love my eye lash extensions and Katie is the BEST, in my eyes.

    - Brenda H.


    I am so proud of you!! You are an awesome student to have. On point with your application and true perfection. I am so impressed by you as a professional in our field, your determination on your business and your work. I will always be here for you.

    - Jessica Gonzalez (CT & RI Novalash Educator)

  • "GREAT JOB!"

    I have had my lashes done by Katie. I received many compliments as to how natural they looked and they lasted for more than 3 weeks before I needed a fill. Great job Katie!

    - Deb C. (The Knot)


    Katie does an awesome job on lashes! I've been able to give up applying mascara on a daily basis and get compliments on them all the time! Thanks Katie!

    - Marie M.


    Katie is dedicated to her clients and takes her profession seriously. She explains, in detail, all that's involved with eyelash extensions...she goes the extra mile to learn and attend the NOVALASH seminars whenever new products or ideas are introduced. Katie wants to make sure that her clients love their new lashes.

    - Diane A.


    The Lash Studio has been doing my lashes for the past few months and from the start I knew they had to part of my big day! I have had other lash extensions before but last week had some put on by The Lash Studio and I CAN'T believe the difference! They feel and look so much more natural! The whole process was so easy & Katie was AMAZING! The whole experience during my visit was wonderful, from the explanation of the product to the application! I had so many wonderful comments on my lashes at the wedding. I would 100% without a doubt, recommend the Lash Studio for the most important day! 

    - Bride, May 13th, 2011


    I've worn temporary false lashes for a while and am always happy with the look, but unhappy with how the glue looks and how I have to worry about the lashes coming off while I'm out. So for my wedding I decided I didn't want to deal with either of those concerns and opted for the semi permanent lashes. Now I'm not sure I can ever go back. These lashes are so natural looking, everyone thinks I am blessed with long, gorgeous lashes. Great for the wedding, awesome looking in pictures, and the best part- they kept looking awesome during the honeymoon too!

    - Bride, April 13th, 2011


    I can’t say enough about how amazing Katie is. My first application of lash extensions was about 3 years ago, I travel frequently for work and have been to a number of extensionists all over the country. Katie is a complete professional. Not only is the quality of Katie’s work exceptional, she has a fantastic personality to boot. I frequently am told how beautiful my lashes are. Once I reveal that they are extensions, people are always amazed at how natural they look. After relocating to the Boston area I went through a number of extensionist and was just plain not satisfied with their work for a variety of reasons. I am so fortunate to have found the Katie and the Lash Studio. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending her to anyone who is interested in lash extensions. Katie is by far the best!

    - Bride, October 10, 2011

  • "VA VA VOOM!"

    Katie is an artist! She made me feel completely comfortable even though I was a little afraid of having something so close to my eyes. She is such a professional and does an excellent job. My lashes were voluminous and so much thicker looking without makeup. With makeup on, they look va va voom! I will definitely be going back.

    - Bride, June 5th, 2011


    I had never thought I would be THAT woman to get lash extensions! But when Katie from the Lash Studio told me about them, I thought I'd give them a try. I was absolutely amazed at the difference!!!! Even before my friend's wedding day, I got so many compliments. And Katie is so incredibly client focused; she explained the process at the beginning and throughout. The extensions stayed on for much longer than I thought and I cannot say enough great things about The Lash Studio. Her prices are extremely competitive and the quality of her work is unmatched. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Every bride should visit The Lash Studio before their big day.

    - Bride-to-be, September 20th, 2015

  • "I'M HOOKED!"

    I got the lashes for when I attended a wedding and now I'm hooked! I've had them for almost over a year and half. I had lashes before I came to The Last Studio for about 3 months, they didn't even compare. Before The Lash Studio, the other salon I went to used too much glue, they were always stuck together and I realized I had put my lashes at risk. Katie at The Lash Studio suggested that I take a break and let them rest for a good 2-3 weeks because she cares about my health and the clients natural lashes. I don't mean to bash on the other salon I went to previously, but there's DEFINITELY a difference when you go to someone with advanced level of training and expertise. The Last Studio does amazing work, despite if you want the lashes for a wedding, holiday, vacation, or everyday wow effects like me, The Lash Studio is the place to go. I've heard horror stories about some places, and experienced it myself. I don't want to go anywhere else.

    - Bride-to-be, December 6th, 2011


    I have been getting my lashes done by Katie since March of 2013, and have never been disappointed! I am obsessed with lashes to begin with, and having these lashes with a 3 year old at home give me the look I love and has definitely shortened by prep time in the morning. Katie is so professional, sanitary, and knowledgeable about the products she uses, and it is no surprise she was a NovaLash Artist of the Year! She puts you at ease and makes a lengthy process enjoyable.I would HIGHLY recommend The Lash Studio for you wedding, especially if you are looking for minimal maintenance on your honeymoon! Trust me; you will be SO happy you made this decision!

    - Tracey


    Katie was awesome! 4 weeks after the wedding and my eyelashes are still there! Totally painless and relaxing! Thank you so much Katie!!!

    -- Bride, July 12th, 2013


    A++++ Katie at the Lash Studio did a fantastic job for my wedding day. We did a trial 4 weeks before my wedding day to make sure I didn't have any reaction to the products. I didn't so I had a fill 5 days before the wedding. It takes about 1 hour/eye depending on how much you have put on. I've never gotten so many comments on them since they were done and everyone would say how natural they look. If you are a bride, attending a wedding or just looking for more length/thickness of your own lashes, I would book an appointment at the lash studio any day of the week.

    - Bride, May 6th, 2013


    Katie at the Lash Studio was very knowledgeable, informative and made me feel super comfortable for a first time lash extension client. We did a trial run a few weeks before my wedding just to make sure there wasn't any reaction and that I loved them... I will never go anywhere else and highly recommended The Lash Studio to everyone!

    - Bride, July 27th, 2013


    I was introduced to Katie and her studio a couple of months ago through a friend and have been hooked ever since. Katie, is very professional and does an amazing job on lashes. She walks you through the whole process before she begins and checks in throughout the application to make sure you are comfortable. The lashes themselves are of great quality and they last for several weeks. I highly recommend Katie and the lash studio to anyone looking to get lash extensions. I will definitely be having Katie apply my lashes for my wedding and every other event!

    - Bride-to-be, September 6th, 2014


    As a member of the bridal party, we all had our lashes done at The Lash Studio. The Lash Studio was very clean and comfortable. Our lash artist was very professional and friendly and created a beautiful, customized look for each one of us. If you are getting married, involved in a wedding, or simply looking for gorgeous lashes, I would definitely recommend

    The Lash Studio!

    - Bride-to-be, July 29th, 2014


    The Lash Studio is THE place to get lash extensions! My experience from the beginning until the end was amazing. Katie Kapoutsos (owner) started with the best consult I have ever experienced. She informed me about every product and how important it was to use the best products while applying the extensions. I was extremely comfortable while receiving my service, knowing that a true expert was working on me. I highly recommend The Lash Studio.

    - Bride, September 7th, 2013

  • "GO FOR IT!"

    I have wanted to try eye lash extensions for a while now but never really had a justifiable reason. Recently I have been preparing for an upcoming tropical vacation with my boyfriend and decided to go for it. Devon and the lash studio could not have provided me with a better service nor better results. My lashes came out stunning and as dramatic as this sounds truly gave me a greater sense of confidence. Devon always provides a great service and is very accommodating to my schedule. If you have ever thought about doing eye lashes I say go for it!

    - User VGOODMAN8


    Katie is the only person I would have do my lashes! Up until now there wasn't one person who could tell I had extensions on because they looked so natural, full, and the best part is I  wake up feeling so pretty!!! She is so gentle, it is very easy to fall asleep during our sessions because it's painless with Katie as well as precise! She is the ONLY Lash Tech I would ever have do my lash extensions...TRUST ME!

    - Amy K.


    Katie Kapoutsos and her staff at The Lash Studio are incredible! The work they do is absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend the studio to anyone!

    - User KNOTTIE68694787


    The lashes I should have been born with! The Lash Studio is incredible; professional, welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable about lash extensions. From the consultation to the end of the service I felt comfortable and secure that every sanitary precaution was being used. The results were amazing - practically everyone I saw commented on my beautiful lashes! If you have thought about getting lash extensions done, do yourself a favor and call The Lash Studio!!

    - User KNOTTIE09054676



    With every event I've been to I've always used false lashes, but recently looked into extensions and will NEVER go back! The lash studio is absolutely the best! They take the time to make sure every lash looks it's best! From going to the gym, the beach and an evening out my lashes always look beautiful!

    - User LEAHB421


    I love my lashes! The ladies at the lash studio always make me feel so beautiful. I have been getting my lashes done there for 4 months now and I am so thrilled every single time. Katie is very knowledgable and explained everything to me very well. I was concerned because my eyelashes are so blonde but you can't tell at all and I wake up every morning looking alive and fresh!! thank you ladies!

    - User KNOTTIE05727534


    I absolutely love the confidence boost that having lash extensions has given me. I don't even have to wear mascara and I still feel great. Devon is awesome and does such an amazing job! Thank you so much for making me look and feel so pretty!



    Love love love my lashes !!!! The Lash Studio in Pembroke is amazing (Devon is the best!!!) If you're a bride who is looking to do something a little different to enhance your beauty on your wedding day I highly recommend getting eye lash extensions. I decided to try it out and see how I would like them which turns out I love them and I'm addicted to having them. I'm not big into make up and all I would use is mascara and a little blush. Now that I have my extensions I don't wear any make up at all. I got mine done for the first time in September 2014 for my engagement photos and still get them done to this day. Devon is my eye lash artist and I cant say enough great things about her. Devon is very skilled at her art and very knowledgeable about the product she is applying. I love the way the lashes make my eyes pop and people always comment on how beautiful my lashes are. On my June 2015 wedding all my guests complimented me on how much my eyes stood out and how long and beautiful my lashes were and they all wanted to know what my secrete was to my long thick lashes....so I had to tell them yes there eye lash extensions and they all couldn't believe how natural they looked. The lashes are very light and you don't even notice you have them compared to when you use the fake lashes you can get from CVS and they're heavy on your eyes and always start to peel off twords the end of the night. If you're thinking about getting eye lash extensions I highly recommend The Lash Studio in Pembroke, MA.

    - Jennifer F.


    I love love love the Lash Studio! I have been seeing Katie for almost a year! I go every 2 to 3 weeks for my fill. She is always running on time, extremely professional and I always have that WOW feeling every time I look in the mirror. I am in the process of planning my wedding and I will absolutely have lashes for my big day! I highly recommend the Lash Studio!

    - Laura


    I wanted to try Lash extensions and after meeting with Katie, I was assured of her professionalism and knowledge of the product she was very thorough so I knew exactly what to expect and how to take care of my investment. Katie is very pleasant I enjoyed the appointment and was thrilled so much with the result and the compliments I am going to maintain my Lashes!!!! they make such a difference to me I feel very feminine with my eyelash extensions.

    - Bride, August 23rd, 2013


    I absolutely LOVE having my lashes done! I went to the lash studio on a recommendation I was given after noticing a friends lashes. I assumed when I got them put on for my wedding over the summer and that it would be a one time thing. However after having them I knew I couldn't give them up! I love how natural they look and being able to run out the door with no make up on a still feel confident. People are always asking me what kind of mascara I use! I always complimented the girls who had long beautiful lashes and now people are noticing and complimenting mine! The lash studio is hands down the best place to get lashes around!

    - User NKAIT86


    We at NovaLash are so proud of Katie for her continued drive to offer the utmost consistent and beautiful lashes to each and every bride she works with. Katie and the Lash Studio know it all starts with the best possible technique which she learned through the Advanced training certification at NovaLash and products such as NovaLash's Platinum Blonde and Sensitive eyes adhesive's on a bride's special day. We invite all brides to check out Katie's National Award winning Video (http://www.novalash.com/lashoff/) judged by NovaLash's esteemed panel. We also listened to what the rest of the country had to say, and they overwhelmingly voted for Katie as 2012 Fan's choice. If you have any questions in regards to her accreditation, please feel free to contact Novalash.com.

    - Novalash


    Very happy! I had lashes applied for my daughters wedding. My daughter convinced me they would make a difference and they sure did! My eyes looked much more youthful and no need for mascara was great! I recommend Lash Studio to any wedding party. Thank you for my lashes!

    - User KNOTTIE5987676


    My bridesmaids and I were so amazed by The Lash Studio! So professional, talented, so real! We had a great experience and will recommend you to all!

    - User KNOTTIE97554898

  • "MY FAVE."

    My fave! Katie and her crew are the best!! Love the set I got. They give me so much confidence!

    - User KNOTTIE26964


    The Best of the Best! I had just moved to town and asked around for a good lash artist. I got so many mixed reviews which didn't make me feel confident to go to any of them! A friend recommended The Lash Studio and I couldn't have been more pleased with my experience. Katie and her staff are so knowledgable and take time and pride in their work and it shows! I would highly recommend The Lash Studio to anyone knowing they wouldn't be disappointed!

    - User NOTTIE15394899


    Amazing Lashes!! Katie the owner was so informative with the process. I love my new lashes!

    - User KNOTTIE57494626


    The best! I have been a client of The Lash Studio for over 3 years now. They are the best lashes around! The service is very relaxing and I am now a lash addict! The studio is very clean and a nice atmosphere. You will not be disappointed!

    - User KNOTTIE03506792


    Wow! So amazing! I can't believe how gorgeous and natural my lashes looked! You ladies were amazing and awesome to work with!! Thank you!

    - User KNOTTIE1446335527

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