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company policies

At The Lash Studio, the satisfaction of our clients is our main priority. We offer prompt solutions to any problems or concerns that may occur. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, credits, or exchanges for services rendered or products sold, unless defective.

If for any reason you feel dissatisfied with any of our services, please bring this to the attention of our management and we will make it right! We want our clients to have the absolute best experience with their new lashes. Should you not love your lashes for whatever reason, please contact us by phone within 5 business days of your appointment and we will be happy to have a follow up appointment with you. This follow up appointment will be free of charge to resolve any issues. We truly appreciate all feedback from our clients which because it helps us to better serve you.

appointment cancellations & no - shows

In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we ask that you notify us within 24 hours of your appointment.


We reserve the right to charge a $50 fee when cancelling or rescheduling on the same day of your appointment.


We reserve the right to charge 50% of the scheduled services for no show appointments.


All clients must have a credit card on file prior to booking an appointment for

any service to guarantee your spot.

visiting clients

All clients coming from another lash location must book a complimentary 15-minute phone consult. Depending on your responses to our questions about application and product, we may require a complimentary, in-person consult prior to booking. 


In some cases, we have found when a client comes to us from another location that a significant amount of correction is required before we can apply new lashes. Correction of previous work involves separating natural lashes so they can grow, rest, and shed as they normally would. It may include removing lashes that are improperly placed, turning in the wrong direction, grown out, stuck together, have too much glue at the base, or are not the appropriate length and diameter for the health of your natural lashes. Improper application can result in discomfort from the base of the extensions scratching at the eyelid, excess glue, and pulling of natural lashes. If you have received a poor application, we are here to help and the removal will be painless.  


If little correction to your existing lashes is necessary (15-20 minutes of clean up or less), we will add on a $25 correction fee.


If we determine the best option is a complete removal of the current extensions, you will be charged a removal fee of $50. The application of a new full set of lashes may or may not be possible on the same day; it will depend on the health of your natural lashes. This is why a consult is necessary. We want you to be prepared for exactly what our plan of action is with no surprises. As always, the health and safety of your natural lashes and proper application is our top priority.


All clients coming from another lash location, who may require a complete removal of extensions, will receive a 10% discount at their return visit for a full set of lashes.

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