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At the Lash Studio, we understand how important the health of your lashes is to you. That's why we sell only the best products available to help you maintain and improve the longevity of your natural lashes and your lash extensions. Please contact the studio to inquire about pricing and to place an order, or place an order in-person during an appointment with our artists!

Cleansing Base 1.png
Sugarlash Cleanser.png

cleansing base

lash pure cleanser

Novalash Serum.png

Lash+doctor® growth serum

Novalash Wand.png

retractable LASHwand

Cleanser 1.png

lash & face wash/makeup remover

high-definition mascara

(eyelash extension safe)

Eyeliner Pen.png
Growth Serum 2.png

lash/brow growth serum

felt tip liquid eyeliner pen

(eyelash extension safe)

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