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When you book an appointment at our nationally recognized and locally celebrated studio you will receive a personal, highly customized lash service performed with superior quality products by a passionate and expertly trained lash artist. Our dedication to your lashes speaks volumes and we’re proud to be an award-winning studio known for the best lashes on Boston’s South Shore. It’s our pleasure to educate lash artists and clients on lash health, emerging techniques, current trends and unique looks in this exciting and ever-evolving industry.

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The Lash Studio is an intimate, relaxing venue designed to comfortably accommodate your individually tailored lash experience. The Lash Studio believes your lash experience should be a peaceful getaway while we transform your lashes. Clients have the option to choose their own music,

relax, nap, and enjoy a cup of tea. The lash studio is a tranquil beauty haven, run by a team of knowledgeable and compassionate lash artists committed to creating the best experience possible for you.


Katie Kapoutsos opened The Lash Studio in 2011 when she realized there was a high demand for this specialty service, but there was a lack of confident, educated, and skilled lash artists. As a certified master lash artist, Katie wanted to create a highly professional, trusted environment for clients, supported by a knowledgeable team of certified lash artists. The Lash Studio is committed to educating the customer on how extensions work, the safest adhesives, and leading-edge techniques that optimize the entire experience and ensure each customer is comfortable and in good hands. This service is performed with your eyes closed, so a trusted client-lash artist relationship is imperative for the comfort of every client. Each lash artist has a wealth of knowledge and is able to offer consulting, styling, and answer all lash-related questions.


The Lash Studio has done thorough research and testing of multiple lash products to offer the most top-notch products available. We give clients options to safely create their desired lash look without ever compromising the health of their natural lashes. 


awards & recognition

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