Volume Lashing

Each individual extension is carefully bonded to your individual natural lash (1:1) with medical grade adhesive.


The benefits are endless! Not only do they enhance your overall appearance, you also have the look of high-quality mascara with a more natural appeal. They are weightless, lustrous, and look like your own—only better. Dramatic looks to natural everyday looks, its your choice! We will discuss what best fits your lifestyle during the consult.


Our expert skill level will give you endless options from our styling and texturing techniques to choices in lengths, diameters, color, and lash type(silk & faux mink). Click here to view our lash chart to see how customizable your options are!


Master Lash Artist

Classic Full Set:                   $350

Classic Fill*:                         $125


Senior Lash Artist

Classic Full Set:                   $300

Classic Fill*:                         $100


Junior Lash Artist

Classic Full Set:                   $200

Classic Fill*:                         $75


*Fills are needed every 2-5 weeks.

*Fills after 5 weeks are considered a full set.





Add some color or shimmer to your already fabulous lashes! These hand dipped, crystallized lashes can be worn daily for a light sparkle that lasts up to 10 days!


Colored lashes:                                   $25

Ombre lashes:                                     $25

Candied/shimmer lashes:                 $5/lash

Classic Lashing 1:1

What is volume lashing?  Volume lashing is an advanced lash technique which gives clients the ultimate in lash fullness and density. Opposed to classic lashing which is 1 lash extension per 1 natural lash, volume lashing is the advanced technique of multi-lashing which uses 2-6 of the thinnest/finest lash extensions on each individual natural lash creating lash sets of 200-700 lashes per eye! The Lash Studio team is one of the first lash locations in Massachusetts properly trained and certified in this break though lash technique since 2013. We are creating breathtaking, hand crafted fans with this advanced technique originating out of Russia. Our top priority is the health and safety of each and every clients natural lashes. We always take into consideration your natural lash health and consult to choose the best option to never compromise your natural lashes. 


Master Lash Artist

Volume Full Set:                  $400

Volume Fill*:                        $150


Senior Lash Artist

Volume Full Set:                   $350

Volume Fill*:                         $125


*Fills are needed every 2-5 weeks.

*Fills after 5 weeks are considered a full set.

All clients coming from another lash location must book a complimentary 15 minute phone consult. Depending on your responses to our questions about application and product, we may require a complimentary, in-person consult prior to booking. 


In some cases we have found when a client comes to us from another location that a significant amount of correction is required before we can apply new lashes. Correction of previous work involves separating natural lashes so they can grow, rest, and shed as they normally would. It may include removing lashes that are improperly placed, turning in the wrong direction, grown out, stuck together, have too much glue at the base, or are not the appropriate length and diameter for the health of your natural lashes. Improper application can result in discomfort from the base of the extensions scratching at the eyelid, excess glue, 

and pulling of natural lashes. If you have received a poor application we are here to help and the removal will be painless.  


If little correction to your existing lashes is necessary (15-20 minutes of clean up or less), we will add on a $25 correction fee.


If we determine the best option is a complete removal of the current extensions, you will be charged a removal fee of $50. The application of a new full set of lashes may or may not be possible in the same day depending on the health of your natural lashes. This is why a 

consult is necessary. We want you to be prepared for exactly what our plan of action is with no surprises. As always the health and safety of your natural lashes and proper application is our top priority.


All clients coming from another lash location, who may require a complete removal of extensions, will receive a 10% discount at their return visit for a full set of lashes.

This service involves gentle removal of extensions using our special formulated lash removal products. If coming from another lash location please see our visiting clients link. Proper removal ensures the health of your natural lashes. 


Lash Removal:                   $50

Visiting Clients
Lash Removal


Aftercare Products

All clients are sent home with our special formulated lash cleanser and grooming wand which are included with the initial full set appointment. We also offer an array of aftercare products available both in studio, and as special order for those looking for the ultimate in lash

care. Options of growth serums, tea tree

cleansers, lash conditioners, lash liners,

mascaras, and cream eye shadows are all

available for purchase. Please allow 3-5

business days for all special orders. 




Special Occasion Lashes

Our flare lash application

is the process of individual

cluster lashes applied

with a temporary adhesive

to last 1-2 days. This

service is not to be

confused with eyelash

extensions. We offer this

option for clients looking

for a full volumous look that can be accomplished in a 20 minute time frame. Perfect for a night on the town! Add on a makeup application with our neighbor the talented Jillian Harwhich and your are photo ready for any special occasion! 


Special Occasion Lashes:               $50

Add Ons
Please See Our Lash Chart
Please See Our Lash Chart

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