Aftercare Instructions


1. Any cosmetic product or cleanser containing glycols, organic solvents, urea or high concentrations of alcohol

should be avoided. Products such as these can potentially breakdown the adhesive bond and shorten the lifespan

of the extensions.

2. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner's should not be used. Please note that the repeated use of mascara and

liners may shorten the lifespan of the eyelash extensions.

3. Curling lash extensions is not recommended. Because the extensions come pre curled, additional curling

is not necessary and doing so will shorten the life span of the extensions by compromising the adhesive


4. Avoid pulling, picking, or twisting your lash extensions.  This can cause damage to your natural lashes and lead to premature shedding of your extensions.

5. Use a lash wand every morning and night to fluff your extensions and to reduce tangling.

6. Visit your lash artist for touch ups every 2 to 5 weeks.

7. For the first 24 hours avoid saturating your lashes with steam or high heat.  The lash artist will cure

the adhesive with a nano mister, so do not be concerned if the lashes get wet with cool water following

the application.

8. Avoid lotions and creams near the eye area. Avoid oils near the lashes unless Novalash adhesive is used since it is compatible with oil.

9. Avoid sleeping on the lashes. Products such as the lash cloud or an eye mask may

be used if you are rough sleeper.

10. See your lash artist to safely remove lashes and to adjust length, thickness, or curl.

To maintain the fullness of your lashes you must keep up with regular fills.

11. We recommend Johnson's baby shampoo for cleansing the lashes.  Because the shampoo is

highly concentrated, you may opt to make your own foam cleanser (refer to our instruction card).

Proper cleansing is necessary to maintain the health of your natural lashes and should be done daily.

12. Although mascara is not necessary you may feel the need to use mascara as a touch up is drawing

near. Please avoid waterproof mascara and if necessary, we recommend Great Lash by Maybelline.

13. Growth serums such as Lash & Dr. By Novalash or Latisse are compatible with the extensions. We

encourage our clients to use a growth serum if they're going to continue wearing extensions for more than

six months to a year. You may purchase Lash and Dr. through us but Latisse is only available through

prescription from your doctor. Avoid using a growth serum 24 hours before an  appointment and 24 hours

after fill.

14. Most eyedrops are safe to use but please consult with your technician beforehand.


15. We recommend Chrisanthe Cleanser to both prevent and treat blepharitis. We offer this

cleanser by special order. For more information please consult with your lash artist.

16. We offer an array of lash products from mascaras, extension safe cleansers, to growth serums.

If you are interested we will gladly place a special order for you.

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