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The Lash Studio Fans Choice Award Novalash 2012
Wake up everyday with gorgeous, flirtatious semi-permanent eyelashes.  Designed and customized to enhance your eyes with a voluminous, beautiful, and youthful look. Single strand extensions are skillfully and meticulously glued to your natural lashes—one strand, one lash at a time to refine your image. Each single micro-extension is carefully placed on top of each lash with medical grade adhesive to enhance your overall appearance—giving you the benefits of high-quality mascara with a more natural appeal. They are weightless, lustrous, and look like your own—only better.   

Whether it be for a special occasion or daily wear, the timesaving benefits of your customized lashes will give you the confidence and beautiful aesthetic of a high-fashion look with a low maintenance flare. Eyelash extensions are not just for beauty queens and models—they are for busy professionals and the everyday girl who is looking to accentuate her most personal feature—her eyes. 

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Katie Kapoutsos - Fan's Choice 2012
In this video you will see the application process of a full set of Novalash Eyelash Extensions on my client Maria. The video focuses on the client's experience and what to expect from this service.

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NovaLash Eyelash Extensions Celebrity Reel
Lash Application